Finding Joy

I was apprehensive about going to the show because dementia always seems to be shown in a scarey or negative way. Not using words in Finding Joy was great, because it made the play accessible through not having to following words. The pressure was off in following a plot. When I said I would go … Continue reading Finding Joy


Things that get me through

A cup of coffee first thing Friends who continue to include me in everything, just like they always have. God will never leave me nor forsake me. Meeting new people Continuing to try out new things Being involved as an Alzheimer's Ambassador Prayers that I say regularly "If not now when?"  I will do it … Continue reading Things that get me through

A night out

It is always good to have a night out with family, so last night was special as we had booked tickets a long while back as a Christmas present - we were off to see Macbeth. a story of lust for power, treachery and tragedy. Last night Macbeth (Christopher Ecclestone) was quite modern doing press … Continue reading A night out

Alzheimer’s is about retaining identity – I am not a different person

I have just watched - this is a phrase that seems to be recurring, as I watch TED talks. This one is by Irish neurologist Dr Jules Montague, who explains about Anita, who has asked her about her diagnosis - "will I still be the same person?". Jules explains that this is not a medical … Continue reading Alzheimer’s is about retaining identity – I am not a different person